July 1-3, 2022 Authentic Marathon Swim



The Authentic Marathon Swim represents the revival of the authentic marathon swimming route, 2.500 years after it was first accomplished. It includes various open water swimming routes and is organized by the Municipality of Istiea-Edipsos while Active Media Group is responsible for its sports production.

The open water swimming event provides swimmers of the modern era with an opportunity of replicating the historical achievement of Skyllias and Hydna by swimming over the shipwrecks of the historical Artemision Naval Battle. The event includes 14.5km, 10km, 5km, 3km, 1.5km and an 500m. kids’ open water swimming races at Pefki of Istiea-Edipsos Municipality in North Evia, Greece.

  • 14.5KM Route
  • 10KM Route
  • 5KM Route
  • 3KM Route
  • 1,5KM Route
  • 500M Kids’ Swimming

The Authentic Marathon Swim is organized by the Municipality of Istiea-Edipsos & the entire local government with the Region of Central Greece, the Organization of Cultural Development for Central Greece (O.P.A.S.T.E.) and the Regional Union of Municipalities of Central Greece.


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